“Quail hunting may not be explained with words,
Is impossible to define with words,
Only understood through the experience.”

734572_392922270804059_1736893191_nQuail Hunting has often been referred to as the Gentleman’s Sport and comes from a long and storied history, steeped in tradition, Quail hunting is not a competition with others, but a competition with yourself and with nature. Quail hunting is about sharing the great outdoors and great times with friends that you hold closer than most. Quail hunting is about the feel of a fine shotgun while spending the day with great dogs. Quail hunting is about how quiet it gets when the dogs go on point and how loud it gets when the quail flush.

When you are at Brentwood, we want you to build your own tradition and experience. We want you to feel as if Brentwood is your plantation. Since commercial operations were established in 1995, Brentwood is proud to have had a “One Group at a Time” policy. So sit back and relax, enjoy your time at “Your Plantation!”

480872_384612938301659_681646823_nBrentwood Plantation is located in the heart of plantation country. Our goal is to provide our guests with an unforgettable quail hunting experience. Formerly a private preserve, Brentwood Plantation is now open to the public to provide some of the most enjoyable quail hunting that you will ever experience.

At Brentwood, we offer a diverse selection of wing-shooting possibilities. Whether it’s planted food patches, old stands of longleaf pine or open broomsedge fields, our land management is sure to be appreciated. We hunt on 2800 acres of land which means that you will never hunt the same area twice regardless of the area you choose. Every hunt is customized to you expectations.

The guides at Brentwood are the most experienced in the business and the hunting dogs at Brentwood some of the area’s best, Jeep drawn wagons and the Quail Limo are used as the primary means of transportation, but for many, riding a horse next to your guide and watching the “dog work” up close, adds something to the hunt.


If you are looking for quail hunting locations in South Georgia or North Florida, then you have found the right place - Brentwood Plantation.


Brentwood Plantation
144 Cyrene Road
Bainbridge, GA 39817



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