Cypress Main House

Formerly a private preserve, the first accommodations at Brentwood consisted of a 2 bedroom, 1 bath main house built in 1995 overlooking 55 acre, Sim’s Pond. At the time, Woodie and his brother Toby operated a sawmill and had access to a variety of different types of wood. Built primarily of Cypress there were several other types of wood used to finish the interior. On your next visit to Brentwood, see how many different woods you can identify.

Shortly after completion of the main house ( OR after a couple of Thanksgivings and Christmases and visiting family) it was decided that there needed to be more bedrooms and another bathroom! While clearing timber, Woodie came across an 1840’s log cabin that was in serious need of repair and had the vision to move it to Brentwood, restored it and in 1998 joined it to the main house with a covered porch. The outside fireplace and covered patio were also built around this same time and have been a favorite gathering area ever since.

The next major addition came in 2005 when the front of the lodge was expanded to add a den with wet bar and an upstairs bedroom and bath. The porch was also expanded to completely surround the lodge. Brentwood was now of adequate size to comfortably accommodate and entertain groups of 10-12 guests. Over the next ten years there have been several projects that have added to a great foundation.

Those projects are:

In 2008 a 2 bedroom/2 Bath Suite and Den was added above the barn. It is a great space for a family or guests that may desire a little more privacy.

In 2014 the Outdoor Fireplace was enlarged and the Covered Patio was replaced with a Pavilion and an Outdoor Kitchen and Bar were added. At the same time, all entryways into the Main Lodge were paved in stone to match the Pavilion.

2016-2017 guests are going to be pleased to find a¬†more spacious¬†lodge! During the Spring of 2015 the back side of the lodge was opened up and the Kitchen was enlarged, a Bedroom and Bath was added and now when you exit the back door into a beautiful living room, with plate glass windows surrounding a huge indoor fireplace and overlooking the beautiful Cypress’s of Sim’s Pond.

We will customize your experience to fully meet your expectations. We’re here to make sure that your hunt will be one to remember!

Lodge Features:

  • 3 Fireplaces
  • 9 Bedrooms
  • Horse Barn Suite
  • Pond Overlook
  • Sleeps up to 12


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Cypress Main House

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